About Us

We began as A/V enthusiasts. Our love and passion of the ‘hobby’, through years of upgrades, installs for our homes and friends , gave us the skills and knowledge needed to create Boston HiFi.

We believe there is a better way.
A personal way!

Most people know three options when about to spend a lot of money on a choice that will most likely be with them for years to come.

  • The big-box store with way too many choices and staff who really does not know the product well, and care if YOU get the right product for YOU!
  • The overpriced and Hi-End custom A/V stores that can either make you feel out of place or tell you if you don’t spend way too much, it’s not good!
  • The Internet, where pricing is low, (sometimes by guys who are not authorized to sell the products and might not have a warranty!) but weeding through the never ending opinions and options can drive anyone batty!

We want you to get what fits YOUR lifestyle, YOUR decor, and YOUR usage needs.  All of that with a budget in mind.

Not only do we get what you want right the first time, we bring it, set it up, show you the product’s features and how to properly use your new system.